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    1. Hello Maryann, thank you for you email.
      You can view a list of the available courses and their prices in BBS at this link https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/online-courses/
      I am currently running a course on Marketing your cakes. You can get more information here: https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/marketing-your-cake-business-e-course/
      I also recommend joining the Baking Business School group where i post a lot of useful content to help you in your cake business.
      You can join here https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/marketing-your-cake-business-e-course/
      You can also email me at bakingbusinessschool@mail.com if you need any further information.


    1. Hi Maryjane, for the new courses coming up from April, certificates will be given to all paid participants upon completion of the Course.


  1. Good morning I stumbled upon this site on instagram and I am interested in the courses you offer. however, I have tried to sign up for them or even subscribe but I have not gotten any email confirmation. there was even the course of 15,000 o saw but don’t know how to register for it. I would like to be contacted so I can sign for the course


  2. He ma I’m having challenges in marketing my cake business and also I need a mentor to guide me basically on packaging of cakes and selling them


  3. Good day ma,
    I am having difficulty in marketing my cake business, physically and also on social networks.
    I am also intrested in knowing more about teaching baking skills in schools, I will like to start teaching kids.
    I will be grateful if u can guide and mentor me na.


    1. I have just sent you information on our Marketing Course. please check your email for it. There is a currently a deal running on it, so it’s best to take advantage of it while the deal is on. Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Good day ma,
    Please how can I market my cake business physically and on social networks profitably and also I love you to mentor and guide me on starting a baking class in schools, just like you did.


    1. Hi Naomi, I’m glad you know marketing is essential for businesses. These are some articles that can be helpful: https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/2017/04/19/tips-on-getting-started-with-a-social-media-site-for-your-cake-business/ and https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/2017/02/01/essential-social-media-tools-to-run-a-successful-home-based-cake-business/
      There are other articles on social media marketing on my blog. Just do a search on the baking business school blog and some articles will come up.
      I also offer a Marketing Course called The Ultimate Guide to marketing your cake Business. There is currently a special deal running on this Course. You can get more details about this course here: https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/here-is-what-you-will-get-in-the-ultimate-guide-to-marketing-your-cake-business/

      I will soon do a guide and training about starting baking classes in schools. So watch out for that.
      In the meantime, please take advantage of the marketing Course.
      Take care.


  5. Good afternoon ma. I am a teenager who loves baking. I would love to know everything about baking.
    Thanks in anticipation.


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